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five points alert:
We have received some very disturbing news regarding the trails. Apparently some atv's were out on the weekend in the five points and ran into wire spread across the trail. I don't know if it was barb or chicken but either way this is a very dangerous incident. The operator didn't see the wire and it got tangled into the front of his atv and ripped the rad core out. He said he was on the seven minute (460) tr. and they removed the wire to the side of the tr. but we looked for it on the 460, 470 and 480 but couldn't find anything, we will try to contact him for more info. I don't know why he didn't notify the police as he should have, will ask him when we talk again. Please notify your members if anyone is going into the area to stay alert.

The rail trail from Madawaska to Whitney has a bridge out just outside of Whitney, there is sideroad access into town. THE BRIDGE HAS BEEN REPAIRED!!!

BEAVERDAM TRAIL T2.1 In the swampy area just before the steel bridge/ramp we made a cordoroy bridge over the first crossing using existing dead wood and then a rock and wood ramp coming out of the water at the far side (2nd crossing) eliminating a steep offcamber section.

SYSTEM 1 TRAILS: T1.5 at Oxtongue Lake is being worked on by the local residents, best to stay off it. Also someone has put gates across some of the trails in that area, need the exact GPS coordinates to find out if they are on crown land. if you have them send to admin@haliburtonatv.com thanks Eric

GREAT NEWS: March 15/13 The Anson Creek bridge which belongs to HCSA on the Gord hamilton trail T3.2 from 118 to Minden is currently being replaced by HCSA thanks to a grant from OFSC.

Not. Just. Gas. We are open 7 days from 7 - 7.
We offer full service gas, CAA emergency roadside assistance, auto and small engine repairs 1014 Mill Street, Gooderham, Ontario K0M 1R0
Tel: 705-447-2113
email: not.just.gas@gmail.com

Please go to the HATVA web site for a complete listing of all the rides and events planned for 2014. click on the RIDES/ EVENTS button. The rides for 2014 are posted there.

October 10, 2013
Thanks to Thomas Contracting for the great work they did on completing the repairs to the trail from the rail trail to Minden
We thank the MNR for allowing this work to be done,
We thank the town of Minden for contributing to the cost of this repair.
The total cost of repairs was in excess of $75,000. the proceeds of your HATVA passes at work for all.

The Lake of Bays ATV Club has recently formed, they have met with local council to get some roads open, three public meeting have been held, now council has to decide. They are an associate club of HATVA. Their President is Bill Johnson Tel: 705 788 6262, Vice President Eric Eichler Tel: 705 766 2536 email eric@eichlerracing.com

This is a very invasive weed that can cause severe burns to the skin it was spotted last year on the trail off of Fishtail lake road in the Elephant lake area and it’s in other areas.
copy and paste the attached link to get full details on this weed.


The monthly meetings of the HATVA Board of Directors are held at the OPP Office in Minden
If you wish to attend as a guest please confirm with Eric at 705-455-9074 or email admin@haliburtonatv.com

A portion of the main trail T6.4 from Lake St. Peter to Whitney has been closed to ATV's it is still open for snowmobiling.
The reason for the closure was due to a lack of respect for the owners property. There is a bypass over to old hwy 127 so you can still get to Whitney. Take T6.1 East (turn right)
When gates are put up on a trail, turn back, don't look for a way around the gate, you are treaspassing.
Riding the trails is not a right but a privilage, unfortunatly a few can spoil it for many, that is the case here!

We have a new gas station in Wilberforce!

I am leaving this post on until I get the 2014 schedule,
2013 Hunting Season Regs for Haliburton area
Sept.1 to June 15, 2014 Rabbit and Hare season
Sept. 1 to Nov. 30 Bear season
Sept. 17 to Jan. 1 2012 Duck season
Sept. 20 to Dec. 15 Woodcock
Sept. 20 to Dec. 15 Grouse, Squirrels
Oct. 1 to Nov. 3 and Nov. 18 to Dec. 15 Archery season for Deer
Oct. 21 to Oct. 26 Moose season
Nov. 4 to Nov. 17 Firearm season for Deer

Copy the link below for the OPP's simple to read explanation of Reg 316/3
It starts with snowmobiles, then ATV's and ORV's finally boat rules.

County council has approved opening the rail trail to atv's May 1, 2014 , they are concerned with damage the club is responsible for excessive trail damage occuring in May,please ride responsibly .
The Rail Trail will continue to be closed to side by side atv's

An annual or temporary HATVA or KATVA trail pass is required to ride the trail in the City of Kawartha Lakes. In the Haliburton portion of the rail trail any one of these passes are valid HATVA, KATVA, and ATVO Power Pass.

The ATVO Power Pass is not valid in the City of Kawartha Lakes including their portion of the rail trail.


MNR, HATVA, OFTR, OF4W &HHSC partner to preserve trails...
January 2012

Spring Trail Closure for all Trails in Haliburton County
Again this year HATVA is part of The Haliburton Highlands Stewardship Council, along with the Ontario Federation of Trail Riders and Ontario Federation of 4-Wheel Drive Recreationists and the Haliburton County Snowmobile Club, are pleased to support the Ministry of Natural Resources Minden Area Office’s efforts to protect trails from environmental damage through a spring trail closure.

We will be posting signs on some trails in March please respect them.

Motorized recreational vehicle use of trails while they are still saturated with moisture and have not had sufficient time to dry can result in both trail and environmental damage. Although many motorized trail users do not use the trails during wet spring conditions, there are still those who may not be aware of the impacts of spring riding.
Damage can include rutting, erosion, and sedimentation, which impacts soil hydrology, water flow, ecosystem health, and organisms (turtles, fish, frogs) living in a waterway. Damage to trails is costly; both economically to the motorized user groups that groom/fix the trails, and socially to other trail users who may not get the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful, natural environmental conditions that Haliburton County has to offer.

We have reports from landowners in the Spring Cliff Trail area, (Galway-Cavendish & Harvey township, West off of Bass Lake Rd over to Moon Line. aka OFSC/TMSC 405) that "Rogue" ATVers are ignoring the No Trespassing and Private Property signs and riding dangerously close to a Shooting Range.

This type of careless and unsafe activity damages the reputation of all Law-Abiding ATVers. If this "rogue rider" problem isn't solved we risk further alienating land-owners and losing other trail or road access in this area.

We urge all riders to obey the rules of the road and posted signage, and for our members and all law abiding riders to take note of any "rogue" atvers in the area and immediately report them to the proper authorities."

June 17/10
We have encountered a situation regarding the use of old colonization roads as ATV trails. We have engaged a lawyer who is leading us through the maze, We will keep you posted as the current situation unfolds. We have been to Dysart Council twice, the trail goes through a large tract of land managed by a Sportsman's Club, who claim that this road is theirs, the road was originally built in the mid 1800's by the Canadian Land and Immigration Company, records indicate that the crown assisted in the cost of construction. Sportsman's club now acknowledge the existence of the road but claim it deviates from the original road to their private land due to a beaver dam. Local residents dispute this claim, it is now up to Dysart council to clear the matter up.
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